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Dec. 31st, 2030

Some people have a friend's only banner. I hopefully will never have one. Instead i'm choosing to have an open doors banner. Why? I figure i don't get into too much drama, and when i do, its direct and with the people in question. I also think it represents what i personally think an LJ is about - sharing -of information, of ideas, maybe even of insecurities. I *do* have protected/friends only posts where the subject material is of a personal nature, or just a little out there,or uploads but the majority of my posts are and will be publicly viewable.My doors are wide open and will be.

There's no strings attached, if you disagree with me, within reason, well, a good healthy discussion never hurt anyone. If its not within reason, well there's ways to deal with it.It'll take something huge to change this policy though.

I'd like to ask of one small thing of anyone who choses to add my LJ to your friends list(which is the point of this page). I don't often check my friend's list management page, and so i never actually know when someone's added me, or removed me, and as such would like you to post below that you have added me, and where i know you from if it isn't obvious, and to let me know by whatever means you feel is best if you remove me, or wish to be removed from my friends list.While i've been bad about it in the past, as long as a journal has been active in recent times and/or i can contact its owner, i'll try to reciprocate this.

Holy shit I suck at updating.

Didn't get that job last november. Finally got another set of interviews somewhere cooler. Looks like it'll work out.

Also, my old headphones broke, got new ones. Wanted a hanger but after spending roughly the maximum I was willing to spend in a month on my new headphones, I realised THEY HAVE SPARES. And I was like "meh" about spending more money.

So. 2 dollars for a bunch of felt, some chair socks for the same amount (these are a thing), a hook that was my MK1 headphone hanger plan and raided the old box of random crap and disarmed a retort stand and

(Buying parts to fix my old one next month. And maybe a proper hanger, but this looks nice. )

Nov. 3rd, 2015

I really need to update you guys more often.

Since last december

I got hired.

Got a movie credit (antman!)

Lost my job in the middle of restructuring.

Second interview for a new job tommorrow.

And.. I got hired

And start the 6th. Whoot.


And I graduated as of October - Dual Major in Computer Forensics and Information Security Management (which I rocked at) and Management (which wasn't my cup of tea. I *learnt* a little, but one of the modules resulted in a bit of a delay in graduation) ;p

Gee. It slipped my mind ;p


I got a surprise interview at a VFX firm that needs a tech support geek monday before last (so, two weeks as of this monday).

I'm currently spazzing out over this cause

1. They said they'd be in touch in two weeks about a second interview and its two weeks exactly the monday that's coming up
2. I badly want this job, its a perfect fit for what I want to do (they have their own servers! And beefy desktops! and all manner of cool shit)
3. The fact I almost never get to interviews and this went awesome.

I really hope I get this, but god. my inexperience in the job hunting circle is a PITA.

Also imposter syndrome sucks. I keep wondering if I fucked something up in the interview.

May. 6th, 2014

My LJ is borked. My friend's page shows ONE post at a time. I'm still alive however.
Apparently you can do some witchcraft with USB OTG (for power) and some other various bits of gear to use a *proper* mic on a phone. Not a total suprise (I mean, I do have USB powered devices on a PC that can run phantom powered mics) but its fairly neat nonetheless. With the right setup, might make an awesome mobile recording setup.

This is pretty neat ;p


If I need to explain why the pacific rim theme played by 2 tesla coils and a robot is cool...


Well, this is not for you.

Reimagining the werecard...

Just something I have been pondering a while, and may or may not turn into a project of sorts. If there was a new variation of the old werecards, but rebuilt from the ground up for stuff you'd actually want to find out about another therian, what would it be? I'm thinking that name, theriotype, country/state/city and community affiliations would make sense, but practically speaking, what else would you ask someone you've just met in the community? http://therian.wikia.com/wiki/Werecard thats the old werecard - other than a variation of the format, I'd probably dump *all* the things there.

Can't think of a good way to deal with gender identity, but it needs to be there, so meh. I'm thinking of this from the database design POV - you could probably take this werecard design and plug it right into a database with nice normalisation and crap.

Something like this is what I have in mind - there's some odd features, but there's a good reason for it. Notes in brackets.

Primary Identity: Geek
Alternate Name: Faileas Grey
Alternate Name: Spark

(Where there's more than one value, use seperate, repeated fields)

Gender Identity: Genderfluid

Gender Identity: Straight Male

(not the best way to deal with gender identity, might be ambigious. I like the field name, just not how this handles odder situations)

Country: Singapore
State: NA
City: Singapore
(Mispellings would be bad here. And of course for safety's sake, keep it as non specific as possible)

Theriotype/Otherkin Identity: Grey Wolf  (For real creatures, use as generic a name as possible - wikipedia entries perhaps - and leave the details for details)
Theriotype/Otherkin Identity: Angel (yeah, I need a better field name. For database purposes, these get stored together)

Community Affliation: Therian
Community Affliation: Otherkin

Additional: I tend to switch between feeling 'wolf' and a sort of winged-human like thing - I've termed it as 'angel' for simplicity, and since the mental image most people of a angel get is of a winged human. I don't 'shift' suddenly from feeling totally human to wolf or angelic. Its usually gradual, and I'm often  feeling either one of my sides to an extent. I'm not very specific about what kind of wolf I am.


Probably need a field-type for spirtuality as well